Fell On Stairs Exiting Restaurant

In this case a client fell on a stairway leading out of a Framingham restaurant. The restaurant owner had the stairway changed in a matter of days after the accident and before the client had an opportunity to consult anyone. Fortunately, the EMTs suggested she take a picture of the stairway, which she did. We sent the picture to a forensic photographer who used to work for the Los Angeles Police Department. Because there were some objects in the photograph of known dimension (such as the milk carton and the siding on the building) he was able to determine the dimension of the stairs, the risers and the handrail bringing in to question the legal specifications of the stairs. This slip and fall case ultimate settled for several hundred thousand dollars, but without the photograph the our client may not have been able to obtain the compensation she needed and deserved.Stairway2

The stairs risers violated building code in that they were of varying heights and for the top step excessive height. The hand rail violated the Code in that it was much too wide to grip.